IN addition to maintaining a safe Haven for chelonians in rehab,Turtle Rescue USA also offers placement for turtles and tortoises needing good homes.
Through a network of rescues we have resources all over the United States, Canada, and some in The UK.

RES red ear sliders require special permits to keep in Florida as of 2007. If you have a RES needing a home please contact


Private adopters are screened to provide the most natural and spacious homes possible.
If you are considering adoption, a few simple guidelines will help you through the application process.
1 Pictures sent will be of enclosures or ponds tailored to the species you wish to adopt.
2 enclosure pictures will include security, adequate shade, hiding spots, and water containers.
We do not take the responsibility of adoptions lightly. It’s a huge responsibility to be in charge of the final destination of our turtles and tortoises.

We may offer this service in the future but right now we are very busy with injured turtles and tortoises.