Central Florida Wildife Center, Inc /Turtle Rescue USA – Exotic rescue/adoption division
Surrendered turtles and tortoises:
All turtles and tortoises that are surrendered by their owner must sign a surrender form. The turtle or tortoise then becomes property of Central Florida Wildlife Center/Turtle Rescue USA. We will adopt the turtle/tortoise to approved screened homes only. Owner is aware that they will not be notified of where the turtle or tortoise will resign once surrendered.

WAIF turtles and tortoises: (meaning –a living creature which is loss, escaped, homeless, removed by hardship, abandoned, found without an owner present, stray, discarded, unclaimed, etc..)
Due to the amount of sulcata tortoises as well as other turtles and tortoises we receive and how they drain our rescue resources via transporting them from all over Florida, we ask for verification of ownership. Verification of ownership requires any type of paperwork you may have, pictures, sex, and any identification markings. We also ask for reimbursement of any and all costs associated with rescuing the tortoise. This definitely includes daily food, housing, and transportation costs, however it is not limited to any necessary medical bills, lighting/heat (if kept indoors/winter time), and other costs required for the animals best interest. The amount will be provide prior to the pick up of the WAIF animal and an itemize bill will be provided at the time of pick up. Payment must be provided in cash only. Due to the amount of surrendered turtles/tortosies we get in for re-homing, we only hold onto WAIF turtles/tortoises for 7 – 10 days before they go to their pre-screened adoptive homes. We need to keep enclosures open for surrendered pets / rescue animals.

Central florida wildlife Center Inc/Turtle Rescue USA discourages the release of non native turtle and tortoises into the wild. Our goal is to find loving homes for turtles and tortoises so they do not affect the natural popuations of turtles and tortoises including the threatened gopher tortoise.