Training Affiliation Agreement Air Force

This TAA is important for the ongoing training of MDG 17 suppliers and technicians, as well as for Shannon Medical Centre staff and serves as the 23rd public-private partnership between Goodfellow and the San Angelo Community. Both institutions will benefit from the training program, as their providers will operate in related clinical facilities. The 17th MDG is trained in Shannon Medical Centre facilities, such as emergency departments or trauma centres, for two weeks per term. The duration of training depends on planning staff availability and patient care needs. According to Shane Phymell, CEO of Shannon Medical Center, the benefits of this agreement are beneficial to the San Angelo community as an opportunity to work with Goodfellow AFB. “We feel good that Goodfellow`s presence here is a big part of our San Angelo community economy,” Phymell said. “We are looking for a way to work together to use Goodfellow`s staff and staff. So it fits well. We are already doing a lot of training for nursing, physiotherapy and others. It`s easy for us to add other professionals to these classes. “The agreement is extremely beneficial to both parties as it provides quality, free training and fosters a strong partnership between communities,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Aimee Morales, 17th MDG.

We are looking for all the services we can work with Goodfellow to help you provide services that can be difficult for Goodfellow in the field, or to save money by working together. The TAA will serve to strengthen a relationship of mutual support between communities and to develop the experience and training of staff at Shannon Medical Centre and the 17th MDG. The idea of TAA was born out of a common desire to work together between the basic medical group and community partners. This is the first project of its kind for Goodfellow and Shannon, but it is not uncommon in the Air Force Medical Service. Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas – The 17th Medical Group and Shannon Medical Center collaborated to launch a training agreement starting July 22. “What we`ve noticed is that a lot of military personnel have seen a lot of things that we haven`t seen, especially from an emergency prevention perspective,” Phymell said. “To hear what some of their previous experiences have been… [can] help us prepare for things like disasters. They have a lot more experience than we do in these situations. “It is also beneficial for Shannon Medical Centre to maintain and use the apprentice`s clinical experience and performance,” added Lieutenant-Colonel Morales. “The 17th Medical Group and the Air Force Service will also benefit from the provision of clinical facilities by medical and administrative staff at Shannon Medical Centre.” In addition, shannon Medical Center is eager to learn from the 17th MDG providers.

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