Subject Verb Agreement Ppt Tes

Students learn the importance of the subject in “Subject – Verb agreement – classes 5 and 6th – Correspondence when writing according to the objectives of the curriculum of 5th and 6th year – Writing – Composition. This animated PowerPoint lesson contains: PowerPoint Submission Agreement Progress: 1) Starts with checking the topic and verb of a sentence. 2) Next, an example of a grammar sheet. 3) The main part of the PowerPoint offers examples of different themes and students choose the right form of the verb, in one click, the right shape of the verb floats in place. (The rule is deleted after a few slides, but appears again, so you can strengthen the rule (or correct it). A fun story style to keep students busy. 4) Ends with a simple task that instructs students to write examples of different subjects and pronouns. Topic Verb PowerPoint agreement with 5 worksheets on the basic rules of subject-verb agreements. Also included are 5 carefully designed and entertaining story-style worksheets that reinforce and practice the rule. 1 of the worksheets repeats the examples used in PowerPoint. To preview `Subject – Verb Agreement – Year 5 and 6` and find other resources in English KS2, click here. I use it with an ESL after-school class and mini-whiteboards for student couples to turn it into a quiz game format.

As with all of our PowerPoint teaching tools, “Subject – Verb Convention – Class 5 and 6” is fully editable, so teachers can adapt, modify and revise it as often or as little as necessary. . . .

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