Contoh Agreement Perkongsian

The cost of external commitments, such as repairs and modifications, all brackets, taxes, insurance payments and other expenses relating to the store land used by the partnership, as well as internal debts such as store rentals, incidental expenses and salaries for all persons employed by the partnership, are all payable to the partnership account. All losses incurred are paid on the capital of the partnership or on the profits of the partnership activity or, if both are defective, by the partners on the basis of the distribution in relation to their agreement. Where differences in their rights or commitments result from this Agreement or from an act promoting partnership activity between partners or between partners, the difference shall be established and the act shall be settled by the arbitrator`s action and its decision shall be final on the content and interpretation of the instruments and on the sound management of the instruments, how the provision comes into force. In the event of the death of a partner, the legal representative of the deceased partner will remain associated with the registry, with the exception that the exercise of the right by the representative of the deceased partner will not continue for a period exceeding SIX (6) months, although these conditions provide for a longer period before the termination of this contract. The initial rights of the partnership go to their heirs, executors or recipients of the assignment. when the company suffers heavy losses and the first party is forced to conclude the transaction either voluntarily or by court order. Both parties agree that the termination of the Partnership Agreement does not entail the loss of the rights of the parties to this Partnership Agreement, which are defined in the provisions of this Partnership Agreement. ARTICLE 9 Each partner is free to withdraw from the operation, in anticipation of the expected profits, all the amounts mutually agreed and the amounts must be withdrawn only after having been withdrawn from the accounts of the partnership, indicating the date on which the shareholders concerned must deduct them, the date on which the amounts are to be withdrawn; and any other mutually agreed terms or matters….

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