Adobe Sign Api Create Agreement

Now we need to create an “agreement” (a single-sign agreement to keep things simple). You can see examples of multi-sign workflows in this POSTMAN collection, as well as examples of multi-doc workflows and many others, but the POST call for a simple single-signer, Single Doc-Flow would look like this. If necessary, this can be changed by updating the method. { “agreementId”: “ThisIsNotARealIDValue-YgE_GEzUhJ5NZXAx1ykIdH3Pmqqu7PhcaG4M7DG24k3Qpto_MG8mzz-1uCZo4dwCi8K85PEAO7Mf” } The answer to our “simplified” workflow has only one signatory: Adobe Sign is an e-signature solution that allows users to send an e-signature document, create and manage agreements, retrieve signed documents, archive signed documents, integrate a signature user interface into your application, send memories, download audit trails and much more. It`s time to call the API. I`m going to add it from a collection of V6 factors I created with this article. The answer is a long “transientDocumentId” that we use when creating the agreement….

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