How To Use As Per Agreement In A Sentence

Finally, in accordance with the agreements of the Treaty of Paris (1763), the British withdrew. Under the agreement with the Air Force, biomedical research cannot be carried out on animals. Similar agreements followed with Britain, France and Russia, as well as a defence agreement with other Gulf countries. After entering opposition territory, it was monitored by Russian drones, which was recognized by the Russian Defense Ministry, which also provided accurate GPS coordinates of the route to be taken and the target in accordance with the agreement with Syrian officials. “As part of our agreement, we have made progress in opening our bases, especially in Incirlik,” he said. Palestinian leaders are rightly frustrated by Israel`s refusal to release Palestinian prisoners under a previous agreement, and the Palestinians see their applications for membership in international conventions and treaties as a chance to “improve the conditions of competition”. In 2005, Bougainville voters elected their own parliament, according to an agreement reached in 2003. Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples from reliable sources. “In addition to our dual registration contract with Whitehaven, we will try to take advantage of our agreement with London to allow Widnes players to develop their careers.” His premise of openness is rhetorically impressive, but he tends to feel that we are securing our agreement by agreeing nervously. But every week, Gus seemed to forget our agreement when we started our migration.

For example, the quantities of mineral and organic fertilizers and the corresponding application periods were adjusted as inputs into the model based on measures obtained by farmers in accordance with the agreement with TTV, as explained above. Then he said: “Transfer 10% of the amount I managed to recover from DS and DG, in accordance with my agreement with carson [sic]… HSBC account in the UK.” Under the previous agreement, Hero Honda was not allowed to export bicycles. [] My question is what, if anything, is the functional and syntactic difference between the pro and the pro. If there is no difference, what can be used? A term commonly referred to as “in accordance with the terms” of a particular document. B for example, a contract, document or affidavit – or “as authorized by the contract.” West`s Encyclopedia of American Law, Edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved…

According to Kazimierz Dbrowski`s theory of personality, “most people live their lives in a state of `primary or primitive integration`, largely guided by biological impulses (“first factor”) and/or by non-critical approval and adherence to social conventions (“second factor”) (Wikipedia). First, learn an Indian language of choice (after an invasion by India) and then, after changing something in the nuances of that language, listen to an Indian critic for such misuse of their language. . I read a few decades ago that “as per” was little used outside of business correspondence, and since what I had noticed at the time, I noticed that just like gold (pro plotinus), babbittt. Plus, as pro is redundant. Per, without aces, conveys the same meaning. And in some cases, as for himself would be as good as for, especially with the common phrase as usual – for example: likewise, policemen: instead of “a man” we find busy “an adult man”. The sheet metal horns have to blow hard – that`s the nature of the tin – and that`s what they`re called the Blowhards. Many people wonder if it`s like being a superfluous pro.

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